Commercial Conveyancing

Our expert team of conveyancers have 75+ years of combined experience.

We are one of the few Conveyancing firms that specialise in Commercial Conveyancing such as the sale and purchase of commercial property, sale and purchase of a business and leasing for both landlords and tenants.

Commercial Conveyancing

Our Process

Commercial conveyancing differs from house and land conveyancing in that each transaction is very different to the next. We have defined procedures that allow flexibility, depending on the transaction and communication is paramount.

Contract Preparation Sold Conveyancing

Step One: Let’s Talk

It is important that we discuss with you the reason for you entering into this transaction and what your expectations are. All sorts of things can impact the transaction:

  • Taxation (GST, CGT)
  • Timing
  • Responsibilities of the parties before and after the transaction
  • Security
  • Financing
  • Staffing
  • Stock
  • Restraints
Many thanks for your efforts on our behalf on the selling of our house in Hawks Nest and the purchase of our new retirement unit. We have nearly finished unpacking all the boxes and the place is now becoming “home”. Thank you again. – Val & Barry Clarke

Step Two: Drafting of Terms

The terms of a commercial contract can be complex and need to deal with all of those things discussed with you as well as the what-if scenarios that can happen in the course of a legal transaction. This (and step 3) is what sets us apart from the rest.

I just wanted to make you aware that I have found Annie’s representation and assistance beyond excellent and she has been an incredible support to me during the sale of my home in Gloucester and our purchase in Walcha. – Angelique
Sold Contract Exchange Conveyancing
Contract Preparation Sold Conveyancing

Step Three: Due Diligence

Often in commercial transactions, we will need to involve a team of chosen professionals, such as your accountant, your financial advisor, your insurance broker, your lender, etc. Most importantly you need to be aware of all the implications of entering into such a transaction.

Step Four: Settlement

At settlement we assist in the handover of funds in return for the rights to the trademark, the business name, the intellectual property, the keys, etc. 

Strata Inspection Reports
Conveyancing Contract Review

Step Five: After Settlement

After settlement you are provided with a summary of the transaction and a balance sheet showing funds in and funds out. In addition, there may be some follow up work for us in the registration of business name, licences, leases, etc.

Thank you very much for all of your help. The sale has gone through without a hitch, which has been a great relief for my wife and I as we have had to communicate from interstate with you. It has been a pleasure. – Leith & Corrine Phillips

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